PDXKBC Macropad


PDXKBC macropad designed and built by Franklin


3d printable cases designed by our awesome members!

Parts List

Parts needed to build the macropad

Build Guide


You'll need:



Bend your diodes as shown:

Bent Diodes

Place your diodes with the black stripe on the diode facing the white stripe on the PCB, slightly bend the legs to prevent the diode from falling out.

A diode in place
Diodes held in place with bent legs

Solder the diodes, and trim the legs with flush cutters.

Diodes soldered and trimmed

Switches & Pro Micro

Place and solder the lower four switches

Lower four switches soldered in place

Tack on the two pin headers, fiddle with them until they're straight and the pro micro fits on.

Headers tacked into place
Pro Micro aligned on the headers

Solder the pin header.

Headers soldered

Solder the top two switches.

Top two switches soldered

Solder the Pro Micro onto the headers

Pro Micro soldered

Flash the Pro Micro

$ git clone git@github.com:qmk/qmk_firmware.git

$ cd qmk_firmware

$ ./util/linux_install.sh

$ sudo make pdxkbc:default:avrdude

# short the RST and GND pins on the pro micro when prompted

Also see the GitHub repo in the Links section.

Test the board

The default keymap is:


Finish Assembly

Bolt and screw on the spacers, install the bumpers. You're done!