Local Vendors

Cyberdeck Artisan
Keyboards, artisans, and other 3D printed/resin cast goods designed and made by our member bobsterthe7th.
40% and smaller group buys and commissions by our member Glow.
Rain Keebs
40% keyboards (especially splits) designed by our member rain.
Keyboards and accessories made in the PNW by our member JRucker.
Senseless Clay
A nice 60% PCB and more, designed by our member Hadi.
Stupid Bullets Tech
Authorized Gazzew Dealer, Krytox and Tribosys Lube, + Gateron, Tecsee, etc., + Artisans, + Keyboard accessories.
Vala Supply
Keycaps, keyboards, deskmats, and more, by our member Vala.
Voxel Mods
Bespoke MDPC-X USB Cable service and DIY Supply shop by our member VoxelMods.
Inked Gaming
Custom deskmats and other soft goods.
Love My Switches
Encoder knobs and more (not keyboard specific).

General keyboard information

Keyboard assembly

Making keycaps

Making Cables

These are some of the components needed to make USB cables. Aliexpress product pages change frequently. If the link is broken, search for a similar product using the name of the part.

Make sure to buy coreless paracord. If you buy normal paracord, you'll have to remove the core yourself.

USB Type-C: Look for a plug with pads that are easy to solder
USB Type-A
USB cable